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To: All Wage Slaves
From: The Desk of June Parker


Dear Frustrated Marketer:

One of the most frustrating things for me to deal with....

Ever try putting together one of your kids toys on the night before Christmas and realize that the instructions are missing?

Talk about disaster. Of course, we try to "wing it" and do it ourselves anyway, only to fail miserably. Nothing ever goes where it LOOKS like it should. We end out having to back track and disassemble. Then we end out with all of those mysterious spare parts....while standing there scratching our heads trying to figure out where the hell they go.

Thank goodness for the Internet. At least now we can go to a manufacturers website and download instructions in just seconds, saving us time, hassle and a lot of frustrated swearing.

It wasn't that easy for our fathers - no Internet. That's why our Dad's were sometimes a wee bit grumpy and bleary eyed Christmas morning because they'd been up half the night (swearing under their breath) while attempting to put our new 10-speeds together.... and trying hard not to throw it through the plate glass window!

So, lesson learned -

Instructions are often just one of life's  necessities ....

And that's why it is especially true when learning how to do something on the Internet. You need instructions.... simple step by step instructions to help you put the pieces together.

If you are currently struggling to make money online and are dazed and confused because you just don't know where to start then I know exactly what you are going through...

My name is June Parker and I've figured out an amazingly simple system....that I use every day to make an income from home. My system will teach you step by step what it took me three years to figure out!

I went from dead broke to financial freedom. I am not a gazillionaire, but I am able to make a comfortable living online.

Are you tired of all the "guru" advice that reveal nothing and gets you nowhere because they don't come with instructions?

Have you paid hundreds of dollars, yet still have unanswered questions?

I felt dumber than a bag of rocks when I realized how much money I had flushed down the toilet, only to receive back tidbits of real information.  All these e-books and software still left me hanging asking myself, "What do I do next? What do I do with this? How do I do that?"

After years of research and testing I figured it out ....

Finally the checks started coming in from Clickbank, direct deposits were coming in from eBay and my PayPal account started filling up.

I wrote down all of the steps I had done the first time and did it all over again. The same results.

I was getting the same results!

I was making money!

That my friend, was almost three years ago and I haven't looked back!

I had gotten so sick and tired of reading the "guru garbage" that is being spoon fed to new marketers on a daily basis, that I recently decided it was time to climb out from under my rock and show others how to do the same thing I am doing.  So I sat down and put it all together in an easy to follow, step by step guide.

If you have currently been buying into all of the BS get rich scams, that obviously do not work, I can help you by showing you what does work for me.

You can finally get the 10 Easy Steps that I use each and every day with....




"Quit Being A Wage Slave in 10 Easy Steps"

How YOU Can Profit Online in Your Spare Time


niche business

The Home Study Course created specifically to take you
from the very beginning to true Internet success.


I personally recommend it!

make money online"I have never seen an e-book so professional and well written. It is by far the most comprehensive guide for achieving home business success. You have not left any stone unturned in providing so much details in your easy to follow 10 steps.

There is so much good stuff found in this e-book that I just could not soak it all in, within a week. Your experience and expertise astounds me and this book will save a lot of people time, money and headache. I do not know how you pulled it off, but I applaud you for your wonderful work and am proud to be associated with such great talent.  June, Thank You!"

Peter Lee

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make money onlineEscaping the 9-5 Rut By Only Working 4 Hours a Week

home businessNever Having to Answer to Your Idiot Boss Again

quit jobNever Having to Ask "Permission" to Take a Day Off

quit jobNever Having to Ask "Permission" to Go On Vacation

quit jobNever Again Sitting in Morning Rush Hour Traffic

quit jobNever Having to Worry If Your Job Will Be There Tomorrow

Never Having to Worry About the State of the Economy

Never Having to Worry About the Kids College Education

Spending More Time with Your Family

Checking Your Email Instead of Rushing Out the Door to Work

Walking to Your Mail Box and Picking Up Checks

Having the FREEDOM and Independence to Live the Life You Have Always Dreamed

I asked you to imagine because these are the realities that can happen to you when you follow the same steps that I have been using myself these last few years.


You Can Also Save Yourself Time,

Money, and Grief By.....


Saving HUNDREDS Of Hours Creating an Online Income Plan.

Saving HUNDREDS of Hours of Research to Find a Solution to Your Financial Security

Saving HUNDREDS Of Hours Creating an Online Product

Saving THOUSANDS of Dollars with All the Scams that You'll Be Avoiding After Reading this Information

Saving THOUSANDS Of Dollars by Not Buying Any More Little "Guru Gargage" Guides of Information That's Already Included in this Course


Discover How All of These Things are Not Only Possible, They Are Doable Because These 10 Steps are What I Do!


Have You Ever Felt Like You've Been Scammed?


I know I did....

And it made me feel pretty stupid....

Falling for another slick sales page....again

I bought into the "next best", "greatest ever", "hurry before you miss out" BS over and over. What did I get? Either a bunch of rehashed crap with lots of images, fillers and white space or information that was so over complicated that I couldn't make heads or tails out of what they were taking about.

It was so frustrating.....

Having these so-called "gurus" charging for every little "secret" detail that led nowhere.

These "gurus" just got richer while I was going broke buying their stuff that never worked.

Why didn't they work?

Because they left out the instructions on how to make it work.

There were always information missing!

I only got (just as I'm sure you have)....

Vague explanations of "do this" and "do that", but I had no idea HOW to do this or do that. No one would explain where to even look for the "how to" or the "where to" or the "why for".

Maybe the ones that were charging an arm and a leg and asking for your first born child did, but I couldn't afford $1000 up to $10,000 for those courses.

I would send emails asking questions to some of the sellers I had bought from. What did I get back?

Not much.

This is what I got.

No response

Didn't know either

Your question is too complication, have a free bonus

It will take too long to explain. Why don't you Google it?

I don't know, I pay someone to do it

Now, I ask you, what kind of support is that?

It's like....

 "Hey, I got your money and now we're done. I don't have the time 'cause I'm after somebody else's money"....

In other words they just don't care.

What about trying to get a refund for the "guru garbage" from some of these jokers?

That's exactly what that was. A huge joke....

On me.

To add insult to injury, many of them vanished like the morning mist in the hot sun, without a trace left behind.


And Don't Forget About The Gazillion Dollar Email!


This is the one I like the best! You get an email about "How I Made a Gazillion Dollars in 7 Days" doing so and so. Then you see the same person on a forum asking, "How do I make money online?" with a signature link that says "Let Me Teach You How to Make a Gazillion Dollars in 7 days." Now I ask you, how the hell is this guy going to teach you to make a gazillion dollars in 7 days when he can't do it himself?

If it wasn't so hysterically funny it would be outrageously pathetic and down right scandalous!

All I kept thinking was, "Why doesn't someone, anyone, just show me the steps? I'm not stupid. Just show me the simple steps and I can figure out the rest."


That is Exactly What I Have Done for You


I got so sick and tired....

Of watching people struggle, while desperately trying to figure out how to start a small online business from home. All these little useless, overpriced, guides and reports were only creating more information overloaded. It's no wonder you are "dazed and confused"! You have all these little pieces and don't know what order they go in.

That is why I wrote this 10 step home study course.

In "Quit Being A Wage Slave in 10 Easy Steps"  you will discover not only the steps that it took me years to figure out, you will also be happy to discover that these are methods that are tried and true.


What's The Difference Between My Steps and the "Gurus" Steps?

Most of you already know that if you want to go to the moon you have to build a rocket ship to get there, so telling you WHAT to do isn't much help.  Duh!  But if someone told you how to build the rocket ship to get to the moon, your odds of getting there would be a whole lot better.

The steps you will discover in Quit Being A Wage Slave in 10 Easy Steps will not only tell you WHAT to do, to build a steady income online, but HOW to do it!

The "gurus" tell you to LOOK for a profitable niche.  But they don't tell you HOW to look for a profitable niche, nor do they tell you HOW you will know if it is going to be profitable.  They sell you e-book after e-book that are full of gaps.

Many "gurus" will purposely leave out steps to be able to sell you more information, (another little guide for only $7, or $17 or $27), at another time. Sometimes it will be the home study course to end all home study courses selling at a much higher price than what you just paid....


and it still doesn't fill in the gaps!

Many will fill their 20 to 30 page reports with useless information just to take up space so that the report looks meatier than it actually is.

I have poured my heart and soul into creating these steps so that you don't have to struggle like I did.  It is not filled with "guru garbage". It is filled with over 180 pages of step-by-step detail. These steps will take you immediately to the real meat and potatoes where you will be able to create an honest to goodness home business; not a "get rich quick" scheme.

You will not only discover HOW to find a profitable niche but you will also discover WHERE to get the tools you need to succeed and most of them are FREE!

Even if you are on a budget, you will discover that it is not only possible, but actually doable to make money online.

It doesn't take the brain of a rocket scientist, it just takes knowing what to do first, second, third, etc. and then doing it.


You can finally discover in this manual....


7 Ways to Clean & Optimized Your PC - All FREE

Little Known Ways to Find Ideas to Market

Best Ways to Research Your Ideas

How to Tell If It's a Money Making Idea

make money ideas The Easy Way to Use Your Ideas

How to Write Optimized Articles Fast

  Secret Tricks and Tips the Gurus Never Tell You

Where to Get Free Instructional Videos

Techniques to Making Money with Your Blog

The Secret Phrase that Will Solve Your Content Problems

Setting Up an Autoresponder Series

The Trick to Posting Articles

3 Secrets to Creating Your Own Product Fast

How to Market Your Product (most are free)

How to Make Your Product Downloadable

 Free Templates for Your Websites

 Free Tools to Build Your Websites

How to Tell if Someone is Stealing Your Content

How to Add a PayPal Button

Where to Find Free Platforms that Google Loves to Index

Find the Secret to Getting Free Backlinks

And So Much More....


The techniques in this book are simple to follow and will "force" you to create unlimited products, services, or even personal niches!


It shows you what step to take next and why.

Tricks to SEO Settings on Your Blog

Discover how to get started even with a very small budget.

Get free tools to build a website

It reveals the "gurus" BIG FAT LIES


With over a 180 pages of information, "Quit Being A Wage Slave In 10 Easy Steps" will show you exactly how to do it, with no holds barred. Nothing is held back.

It is not filled with huge images, ad graphics, fillers or white space.

Each step is packed full of easy to follow information.





(Not bad for a huge package worth over $600)

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Investment in Your Future



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This is a bargain for a step by step home study guide of over 180 pages, valued at $127, that you will be able to use over and over again. You will be able to create your own multiple streams of income in the markets of your choosing.


If you're serious about...

Having your own business.....

Making money online....

Becoming Recession Proof

Quitting your job....

And having your FREEDOM....

This is your chance to finally get started doing it!


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8 Week 100% Money Back,

"No Hassle, No Questions Asked"


Order "Quit Being a Wage Slave In 10 Easy Steps"  Today

Read it, learn from it and use it for 8 weeks (60 long days). If you are not convinced that it is everything I promised, just send me an email within 8 weeks of receipt for a full and  courteous, 100% full refund of your money.

I won't even whine or snivel!

And that's not all....


I�ve Sweetened The Deal Even More...


If you download "Quit Being a Wage Slave 10 Easy Steps" today you will get

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"The Guru's Apprentice"

Includes Master Resale Rights

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Still Not Convinced? Read What Others Have to Say


I personally recommend it!

"Finally someone has written an Internet Marketing course that even the complete beginner can follow.  After reviewing "Quit Being a Wage Slave in 10 Easy Steps", I must say that June's course has done a great job of showing the beginner how to, not only complete those first basic steps when starting out online, but all the way to creating a finished product!  

Most courses seem to skip steps or just assume the reader has a level of knowledge that they don't have. June's guide makes sure that  there is no guess work involved when setting up your very first online business from home! Even the intermediate level of marketer can gain from this course."

James Jones


I personally recommend it!

" Quit Being a Wage Slave In 10 Easy Steps" is an excellent e-book for beginners and for intermediate marketers that are starting out in the massive world of Internet Marketing.

It is easy to read and has over 180 pages of worthy content. I think even the "gurus" might learn a thing or two from it. As the absolute newbie I once was (and still am)

, I feel completely identified with this e-book and feel it will sure help many people come out of being flat broke.

With that being said, I highly recommend this e-book to just about anyone. What I also like about it is that it has an "ethical marketing orientation which is precisely the sort of approach I like to take being a great fan of ethics before profits. So go ahead and get a copy now."

Daniel Molano


I personally recommend it!

"Hi June,

I am amazed at the amount of detail that you put into "Quit Being a Wage Slave".  Any one that follows these steps WILL definitely make money.  You have not only refined all the mandatory steps you need to take to earn
money online but you have also provided all the tools needed.  In fact your list of free tools and resources found throughout the book, along with your descriptions and best uses of them is worth the price of this book by itself.

Great job of putting you personal experiences into a form that everybody can use to profit online."

Randy The Hermit


I personally recommend it!

"Quit Being A Wage Slave" is a step-by-step, from beginning to end, Internet marketing campaign guide, no matter what your target market may be.

I know, because I've been there, with "go nowhere," "leave out steps for an up sell"  before.

But even more important than that is June Parker's awesome support.


I personally recommend it!

"Hey To All Newbies and Intermediate Marketers (including myself),

This book is a MUST BUY! To be honest, I buy a lot of stuff, so I bought this one and it was gathering digital dust on my hard drive because it was so thick....183 pages!

Finally I brushed off the dust and began to read....hmmmm, I thought to myself. This gal tells a good story (her story). Then I read (page 28) and said, "WOW!" This is exactly what I have been looking for all this time and all this wasted money spent.....

She has been there done that. Look, June is telling you the truth in her book. The REAL method of making money online that has eluded you because of your get rich quick mentality. Everything is covered in detail (newbie detail included) from A to Z on how she did/does it. Nothing left out. Quit buying the guru pieces of the puzzle.

The complete puzzle have been put together by June. All I can say is, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, June! This is exactly what I have needed all of these years. What I consider to me to be my "Holy Grail" of making money online. I wish I had this book years ago. I don't mean to be crude or rude , but you are a "fool" if you don't get your hands on  June's book, at any price!

That's my two cents worth."

James Rinehart
Warrior Member


The only thing standing between you and making your first dollar online are the step-by-step instructions you will discover in this course. If you commit to just 30 minutes a day to build your business in your spare time, you too will be able to join me as another Wage Slave Quitter!



I understand I will receive a no-fluff, no B.S. 180+ page e-book that will take take me by the hand and show me step-by-step EXACTLY how to create my own solid, recurring income online business. This is NOT an experimental way to earn money has been working, and working well, for YEARS now!

I understand that this offer has an 8 week iron clad money-back guarantee. I have 8 weeks (60 days) to review "Quite Being a Wage Slave in 10 Easy Steps" and if it does not deliver what it promised, I can return it for a prompt and courteous refund.

I also understand that my credit card will be charged $67 by Clickbank.

I acknowledge that by clicking, either the payment link or button that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions below.



Invest in Your Risk-Free Order Today


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P.S. Seriously, for just $67.00 (for a package valued at over $600.00), you'll discover everything you need to know to Quit Being a Wage Slave and make money online. How can you pass on that?

P.P.S. I answer my emails! Imagine that! If you have any questions, or if there is something you don't understand in the e-book, just shoot me an email and I'll get the answer for you as soon as possible. You will never be left hanging!

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